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Se podrá acceder al Teatro para ver el documental de Mabel Lozano "El Proxeneta. Paso corto, mala leche" hasta completar el aforo,
con preferencia de las personas que han solicitado previamente invitación personal. Las puertas del Teatro se abrirán
al público a las 18:30h.


Becas Erasmus para intercambios Alemania sobre tolerancia y racismo

9 becas Erasmus para intercambios Alemania con el Programa Erasmus  con todos los gastos pagados de transporte, alojamiento y manutención. Si quieres conocer más becas Alemania Yes Europa puede ayudarte. Fechas y lugarintercambiosAlemania TITLE OF THE PROJECT Picture Tolerance VENUE OF THE PROJECT Schlieffenstraße 9; DE-26123 Oldenburg DATES OF THE APV From 10.5.2017 Till 11.5.2017 DATES OF THE YOUTH EXCHANGE From …

Resultado de imagen de bandera alemana


Leer más.

Desde el Instituto Universitario de Estudios de  Género de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid tenemos el placer de informarle de que nuestra revista "Femeris. Revista Multidisciplinar de Estudios de Género” está buscando artículos para su cuarto número.

"Femeris. Revista Multidisciplinar de Estudios de Género” publica artículos originales e inéditos, sobre aquellas temáticas relacionadas con la investigación y estudios de género en cualquier ámbito.

Por consiguiente, le invitamos a presentar sus trabajos hasta el 15 de mayo de 2017. Los artículos pueden ser redactados en español, inglés, portugués o francés. Los/as autores/as deberán enviar sus textos por email a:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  ajustados a las normas de edición que se pueden consultar en el siguiente enlace: http://e-revistas.uc3m.es/index.php/FEMERIS/about/submissions#authorGuidelines.

La Revista de Investigaciones en Género y Estudios Culturales, Ambigua espera contribuciones para el próximo numero titulado Identidad, belleza y género en las artes hasta el 31 de mayo  en español, inglés, francés e italiano.

Podéis encontrar más información en la web de la revista 


Chamada Para Trabalhos - Historiae - vol. 8 .Dossiê Nº 3
«Mulheres, palcos e letras: evocando os 150 anos do nascimento de Mercedes Blasco»

Organizadores: Drª. Isabel Lousada (Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Centro Interdisciplinar de CiênciasSociais – CICS.NOVA-FCSH/NOVA/ Centro de Literaturas e Culturas Lusófonas e Europeias – CLEPUL/UL), Drª Rosa Fina (Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Instituto de HistóriaContemporânea -IHC-FCSH/NOVA / Centro de Literaturas e Culturas Lusófonas e Europeias – CLEPUL/UL), Drª. Fátima Mariano (Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Instituto de HistóriaContemporânea - IHC-FCSH/NOVA)



2nd Annual 4W Summit on Women, Gender, and Well-Being
40th Wisconsin Women and Gender Studies Conference
April 27-29, 2017 
Pyle Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Co-conveners:  UW-Madison 4W Initiative:  https://4w.wisc.edu/
University of Wisconsin Women and Gender Studies Consortium:  


Equity, Sustainability, Empowerment



VANDANA SHIVA - Key Note Speaker

Thursday, April 27

* "Women Lead the Way: From Violence to Non-violence, from Greed to Sharing, from Hate to Love

5 Plenaries

·         Transformative Transnational Feminism: Theory and Praxis for the Future of Feminisms

·         Democracy, Gender and Transformative Education in Europe: The Case of Spain

·         African American Women Beyond the Stereotypes: Mental Health, Resilience, and Sustainability

·         Social Transformations to End Exploitation and Trafficking for Sex (STREETS): Survivor and Educator Perspectives on Human Trafficking Education

·         Multiple Ways of Knowing: Insights Grounded in Indigenous Experiences 

90 Concurrent Sessions by Faculty, Students, Community Activists 


*Register today for the whole 4W Summit:  https://charge.wisc.edu/womens_studies/register.aspx

*Register here for the free events only (plenaries and keynote):

The 4W Summit co-convenors and sponsors are honored to be holding this conference under the auspices of the UNESCO Chair on Gender, Wellbeing, and a Culture of Peace as part of a global United Nations Platform on education, science, and culture.





Call for Sessions and Papers in Women and Gender History for the 12th European Social Science History Conference, 4-7 April 2018, Queen’s University Belfast

The 12th European Social Science History Conference will take place from 4 until 7 April 2018 at Queen’s University in Belfast.

The ESSHC, organized by the International Institute of Social History, aims at bringing together scholars interested in explaining historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences. The conference is characterized by a lively exchange in many small groups, rather than by formal plenary sessions. The conference is organized in a large number of networks covering all periods and a wide range of systematic fields.

The Women and Gender Network is one of the largest networks of the ESSHC. It addresses gender as a historically and culturally variable category that is constitutive of classifying and interpreting the world, of organizing social and power relations, of producing knowledge (such as historical knowledge), and of shaping experiences of women and men in the past. The Women and Gender network is welcoming research that is crossing epochs, regions, and disciplines. A specific theme is chosen for every conference.

In 2018 the focus will be on “Practicing Women and Gender History Today”

As society and history are changing, also gender history meets new challenges. Information flows, digitalization and globalization pose new demands to the understanding, conceptualizing and presentation of gender history. We particularly invite sessions and papers which discuss the ways of writing and presenting women and gender history today, give insight in the finding and interpretation of sources, reflect on the preservation of and access to sources, reflect on theories and discuss the recent critical, challenging potential of women and gender perspectives. Of course this discussion cannot do without empirical research.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

-Digital humanities and gender history

-Gender and visual culture

-Gender in oral history

-Gender and the senses, gender and emotions

-Gender and memory

-Gender in public history and popular history (from museums to mass media,

‘histotainment’; schools)

-Gender in the construction of knowledge, the politics of approaches

-Agency and experience as gendered historical concepts; gender in the

history of concepts

-Anthropological approaches to gender

-Gender and urban spaces

-Gender and migration

-Gender and religious identity

-Gender in the history of aging and life course

We are inviting session proposals which include four papers on a specific theme, a chair and a discussant / commentator. However, single papers are also welcome; the network chairs will assemble papers to sessions, or allocate them to an appropriate session. Sessions take two hours, with oral presentations and a comment of ca. 15 minutes; half an hour minimum is reserved for a plenary discussion. The conference language is English.

Ideally, sessions include a mix of countries, and certainly a mix of universities. We particularly welcome proposals for comparative and / or inter-disciplinary sessions. If you propose a session, please note that all the participants in the session need to be registered with their name, e-mail address, and in their role as an author with their paper title and abstract. Each participant is only allowed to present one paper. However, the roles of the session organizer, session chair and discussant can be fulfilled by the same or by different persons.

We also encourage other forms of presentations, e.g. Meet the Authors-sessions, round table sessions, or a film or work of art presented by the author and discussed by the audience.

How to propose sessions and papers:

Please (pre-)register before 1st May 2017 latest via the electronic pre-registration form on the ESSHC website: https://esshc.socialhistory.org/registrationinfo. Please note that the ESSHC is not able to fund travel costs or subsistence expenses. Every participant will have to pay a conference fee. However, there will be discounts for PhD students.

We are very much looking forward to your proposals.

Bettina Brandt,  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (link sends e-mail); Marianna Muravjeva,  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (link sends e-mail) This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (link sends e-mail); Raisa Toivo,  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Presentación de libro en la Casa de las Conchas

Miércoles, 19 de abril 20:00h   


 Resultado de imagen de detras de los silencios

  Autora: Ana María Royo

Presentación del libro Detrás de los silencios de Ana María Royo.

Presentan el acto Paqui Nogerol y Josefina Cuesta.

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